Automated machine learning

Allow Braintoy’s intelligence to automatically create models and dashboards for your data
Sit back & autopilot...

Why AutoML

Analysts, decision-makers and experienced model builders may sometimes just want to focus on solving business problems instead of getting lost in the AI development workflow.

Our automated machine learning workflow creates models for you. All you need to do is to bring your dataset, select the target variable and push a button to generate a trained and optimized model that is ready to predict.

 The three steps in using AutoML


Connect to or upload a dataset


Select the label or target variable 


Push the autopilot button

The value is exponential.


Creates and administers collaboration between teams so that your organization can put cutting-edge technology to work on real issues that matter to your customers. 


Automated AI pipeline increases productivity exponentially by providing modules that can be leveraged in building and integrating AI applications into business processes faster and efficiently.

AI Hub

Centralizes and standardizes AI capabilities and products across your organization. Algorithms, pre-existing and new, are managed centrally, making it easy to embed AI products into your business processes and applications.

AI Governance

We break the black box open by making models completely transparent. Your organization can establish accountability, explainability, and fairness by automated documentation and validation.

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