Expert ML

Everything you need to create an end-to-end AI application.
Create custom solutions.

Why Expert ML

You may prefer having complete control by writing your own custom code through the AI application development process. You may want to tune, customize or write unique algorithms and utilize proprietary rules, formulas and the secret sauce of your organization. Our platform gives you complete control to write your own Python code, edit generated code, install custom libraries, packages, algorithms, and classifiers. Create tailored solutions and share them to be utilized by other teams in your organization. You can still leverage automated documentation, API generation for deploying models into Dockers and Kubenetes if you wish.

 Everything you need to create an end-to-end AI application

The value is exponential.


Creates and administers collaboration between teams so that your organization can put cutting-edge technology to work on real issues that matter to your customers. 


Automated AI pipeline increases productivity exponentially by providing modules that can be leveraged in building and integrating AI applications into business processes faster and efficiently.

AI Hub

Centralizes and standardizes AI capabilities and products across your organization. Algorithms, pre-existing and new, are managed centrally, making it easy to embed AI products into your business processes and applications.

AI Governance

We break the black box open by making models completely transparent. Your organization can establish accountability, explainability, and fairness by automated documentation and validation.

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